Our Learning This Week.

Our Learning this Week

Nursery week ending 13/11/15


Language, Literacy and Communication 

This week Ben and Betty have introduced us to the sound h. The children have listened to stories with g in the title eg The Little Red Hen and Handa’s surprise. They have learnt the shape of the letter and looked for the letter in the sand and around the classroom. They have collected items beginning with h and placed them in our basket. The children have learnt new rhymes linked with the sound eg Heads, Shoulders,Knees and Toes and Hickery, Dickery Dock. The children have learnt new vocabulary linked with the sound eg heart,hedgehog etc.

Mathematical DevelopmentThe children have been practicing their counting skills again this week and learning to recognise numbers 1 to 5. The children have responded well to stories about the numbers 1-5. The children have learnt about height and used the terms shortest to tallest. The children have weighed out ingredients to make cakes this week and used the weighing scale.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

The children have learnt about hedgehogs this week and they have made hedgehog cakes. They have tasted hot chocolate and eaten hot dogs. The children have talked about helping other children who might be ill or disabled and how we raise money to help them on ‘Children in Need Day’. The children have talked about people who help us like the police, doctors and the fire service.                                                         






Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.The children have been reminded about taking turns and sharing toys and equipment again this week. They have practiced good sitting and listening.  The children have taken turns to give out the snack and milk. They have become very confident using the mood board and like to tell Rhodri how they are feeling. The older children continue to help the younger ones and this is very pleasing to see! I am especially pleased with their efforts to say please and thankyou as we have been reminded about good manners again this week. The children have been reminded about how important tooth brushing is and how to brush properly. We have talked about washing hands this week as it is important after using the toilet and before eating snack.
 Creative Development. The children have painted hedgehogs  and collaged them using items from the outside area. The children have cut up spikes using cardboard and glued them on. The children have created hedgehogs using dough and matchsticks. The children have made hats and decorated them with Pudsey pictures. The children have made happy faces for our display board. Physical DevelopmentThe children have played some new games this week and learnt some simple rules. They have practiced their fine motor skills and  practiced using scissors. The children have played games with the hoola hoops and we have learnt the game’ Here we go round the Mulberry bush’.
Welsh Language DevelopmentThe children are continuing to develop their greetings and they are now responding well to simple instructions. The children are responding well to stories read to them in welsh and responding to welsh stories on the whiteboard.                       Anything else… 

Thank you for your contributions to ‘Children in need.  Next Friday (November 20th) we are holding a disco in school  and we will be donating the proceeds to Ty Olwen hospice in Morriston. Diolch yn fawr.


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