Our weekly update 25.09.15 Reception A

Our Learning this Week

Reception A
25th September 2015

Language, Literacy and Communication


We continued our Jolly Phonics with learning the letter sounds “p” and “i”. We played a match the picture game to hear the sounds in words. We used chalks to try and write the letter shapes. We also used paint to practice how to write our names.

We read a book called “Who Sank the Boat” and we played in our lifeboat station role play area for the first time this week.


Mathematical Development


We played guess the hidden number on the number line and did some clapping counting as a whole class. We did some big counting by placing objects into the boat before it sank in the water.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We looked at floating and sinking. We collected some natural objects from an outdoor walk and guessed whether they would be able to sink or float in the water.

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


Our school value this fortnight is friendship. We talked about different ways we can show how to be friends. The children came up with hugging, smiling, thumbs up and high fives.



Creative Development


We learnt a song called “Big Blue Boat” and sang more familiar songs about water – Incy Wincy Spider, Five Speckled Frogs, and Five Little Ducks.

We looked at some watery paintings by famous artists and had a go at painting some water themed paintings ourselves.


Physical Development


We practised listening to instructions and starting and stopping in the hall. We also had to move around obstacles.


Don’t forget to bring your child’s named PE kit into school for Monday afternoons – the children are getting great at changing themselves for PE…keep practising at home.


Welsh Language Development


We read “Tedi Twt yn Siopa” and we had a go at saying “os gwellech yn dda” (thank you)

We also practised singing our Welsh songs.

                      Anything else…


Take every opportunity to help your child practice writing their name – they can use pen and paper, a painting app on your phone, using chalks outdoors or even make mud paint and use a stick!

Have a good weekend!


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