Our weekly update 02.10.15 Reception A

Our Learning this Week

2nd October 2015

Language, Literacy and Communication


We continued our Jolly Phonics with learning the letter sounds “n”. We  had a game of phonics bingo t o remember all the sounds we have learnt so far (s,a,t,p,I,n)

We have been trying to write the sounds in the sand trays.

Mathematical Development


We looked at 3d shapes and built some models with them.

We made patterns using a cube and a cone and tried our best to recognise them and remember the names.

We also sang “5 little monkeys swinging in the tree” with some cuddly song props.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We read a story called “The Little Raindrop”, which followed the journey of a raindrop from a cloud all the way to the sea and then back up into a cloud. We drew story maps to help us remember.

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


Our school value this fortnight is friendship. We are remembering how to be good friends and we have read some stories about friendship, “Willy and Hugh”, “Little Penguins Holiday” and “Ffrindiau Fflic a Fflac”



Creative Development


We learnt a song called I’m a little raindrop and we listened to some raindrop music.

We also watched a clip from Bambi with the song “April Showers” to see how the music made raindrop noises.


Physical Development


We had a great PE session with Jonathan and we did some movement songs in class.

We have also enjoyed making some large models outside with some extra large construction sets.



Welsh Language Development


We read “Tedi Twt yn dost” we had a go at saying “I have a bad head” “Mae pen tost” and “I have a bad tummy” “Mae bola tost”


We also played a number game where I counted in Welsh and when I stopped the children had to tell me what number came next in Welsh – the children were great at this

Diawn pawb!

                      Anything else…


Please bring back all the consent forms that have been sent out recently – home/school agreement, photo consent, forest school consent, nurse health questionnaire and flu spray consent. If you need more copies let me know and I will see what I can do.


Have a good weekend!

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