AM Nursery 22/05/2014


Our Learning this Week
Nursery AM 22nd May 2014

Language, Literacy & Communication


This week Ben and Betty have been teaching us the letter sound “y”.

We read “Yum,Yum, Yummy” and talked about the yummy things we like to eat.

We practiced writing y on the scrimbling table and in lentils.

Mathematical Development


We played a teddy bear game, seeing how many teddies we could grab in our hands. We counted them and used the number line to have a go at writing the numbers.

We worked together as a class to order the number cards and figure out what number comes next

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We have enjoyed helping with the gardening in nursery – we have planted peas and onions, helped to paint the boxes and found some very interesting bugs while we were doing it.

We also had a colour hunt in the classroom and collected all things that were yellow – the children were very good colour hunters and we had a yellow mountain of things they had collected.


Personal and Social Development, Well Being and Cultural Diversity


We played some circle games to practice waiting our turn – we passed a handshake and a high five around our class circle.

Creative Development


Children thought about their favourite food and drew it on their plates. They had to think about using the correct colours for what they were drawing.

Physical Development


We have enjoyed the sunshine and done lots of physical activity outside – jumping around chasing bubbles, pedalling the bikes and rolling the hoops.


Welsh Language Development


We talked about the yummy food that we had drawn on our plate and had a go at saying “Dwi’n hoffi…” (I like…).




Anything else!


We have had some lovely WOW vouchers brought into class and the children have been so proud when we have celebrated their achievements.


If you visit a beach over the half term, please can your child collect some shells and bring them into school to add to some outdoor art – Thank you.



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