Weekly learning update 18th September 2015

Our Learning this Week

                                                              Reception 18th September 2015


Language, Literacy and Communication


We continued our Jolly Phonics with learning the letter sounds “a” and “t”. We played a match the picture game to hear the sounds in words. We used finger paint to try and write the letter shapes.

We read a book called “Sailor Bear”. We were excited to get a letter from Sailor Bear and he asked us to make him a new boat because his broke.


Mathematical Development


We have been playing some whole class number games and singing number songs.

Our focus this week was making groups of objects, remembering to stop counting when we have reached our number.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We thought about Sailor Bear getting lost and stranded on the sea and we talked about who could have helped him and who else helps you when you are swimming in the sea or swimming pool. We looked at objects that lifeguards used to rescue people.

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


We have been using out toilet checking out board really effectively and children are becoming more independent leaving the classroom to use the toilet.



Creative Development


We have talked about the creatures Sailor Bear might have seen in the sea when he was on his boat and we painted and collaged our own. They will be displayed in the role play area which we will be turning into a lifeboat station.

In music, we have been learning new songs. Ask your children to teach you “How do you do?”


Physical Development


We went outside on the field to play racing games.

In the hall we practised moving like different animals and changed our movements to be fast or slow.


Don’t forget to bring your child’s named PE kit into school for Monday afternoons.


Welsh Language Development


We have been learning h to ask to go to the toilet in Welsh: “Ga i mynd ty bach” – practise it at home.  We have read Tedi Twt stories about farm animals, clothes and the weather this week.

                     Anything else…


Please return your consent forms for photos and website asap so we can start tweeting about your child’s learning or add photos to the school website – Thanks.

Have a good weekend!


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