Our Learning Week.

Our Learning this Week

Nursery week ending 15/1/16


Language, Literacy and Communication


This week Ben and Betty have introduced us to the sound L. The children have listened to Ladybird stories and they have learnt some new rhymes including Little Bo Peep and Lucy Locket. They have collected items beginning with L and placed them in our basket. The children have based their work around the story ‘What the Ladybird heard’. They have role played the story. They have found out about lemons  and limes. They have learnt new vocabulary like liquorice.

Mathematical Development

The children have been practicing their counting skills again this week and learning to recognise numbers 1 to 5. The children have responded well to stories about the numbers 1-5.The children have made ladybirds and ordered the numbers 1-5 on them. The children have have explored the terms longer and shorter and used strawberry laces to compare. They have used strawberry laces to compare long and short.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

 The children have learnt about ladybirds and light sources this week. this week. They have tasted lemon and lime and lemon curd. They have tasted liquorice.  The children have investigated what litter is and why it is important  not to drop litter on the floor.






Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.

The children have been reminded about taking turns and sharing toys and equipment again this week. We have been talking about love and what we can do to show we love our family and friends.

 Creative Development.

 The children have painted ladybirds and printed with lemon and limes. They have printed with lego. The children have learnt new movement songs and learnt to move like leopards and lions.

Physical Development

The children have played some new games this week and learnt some simple rules. They have practiced their fine motor skills and their cutting skills are improving. We have enjoyed playing outside with the balls and using the bikes and scooters.

Welsh Language Development

The children are continuing to develop their greetings and they are now responding well to simple instructions. The children are responding well to stories read to them in welsh and responding to welsh stories on the whiteboard. The children talked about leeks this week and why they are important to welsh people as our emblem.

                      Anything else.

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Thank you for your support again this week. Diolch yn fawr.

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