Our weekly update 27.11.15 Reception A

Our Learning this Week

27th November 2015


Language, Literacy and Communication


We read “The Scarecrow’s Wedding” and looked at what celebrations make us happy.

We talked about the characters Betty and Harry, drew them and described them.

We have been playing letter sounds games on the white board and playing hairy letters on the i-pad this week.

Mathematical Development


We have been using the number lne to help us count this week. We played a game where we closed our eyes and Mrs. Amirat hid a card. We had to tell her which number was missing.

We have also practised writing our numbers with a fishing game.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We compared the properties of objects in the forest  this week. We looked at dry dead sticks and soft new sticks. We talked about which ones would be best to light the fire.

We also described what our toasted marshmallows tasted like after cooking them on the fire.

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


We talked about Road Safety week and safe places to cross the road.

We also talked about keeping safe around the fire pit in forest schools.

Creative Development


We decided to make a wedding card for Betty and Harry. We looked at some real wedding card designs and then decided what we wanted to cut and stick or draw on our own. Some children even decided to write a message inside.

We have continued to learn our Christmas songs and they are sounding great.

Physical Development


We had PE with Jonathan on Monday.

We had our first Dough Disco session this week. We each had a ball of dough and we danced to “Happy” while our hands did lots of work rolling, squashing and prodding the dough – all strengthening the muscles in our hands for writing.

Welsh Language Development


We have been saying our numbers in welsh during some maths activities.


We have also learnt the names of the parts of our face when playing a scarecrow dice game.

                      Anything else…


Don’t forget our school fete is next Thursday 3rd December – if you have any toiletry donations please bring them into school asap and thanks to
those who have already donated.

Please let us know if you need an help sorting your child’s Christmas concert outfit.

Have a great weekend


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