Our Learning Week

Our Learning this Week

Nursery week ending 29/1/16


Language, Literacy and Communication


This week Ben and Betty have introduced us to the sound n. The children have shared stories with n in the title and they have especially enjoyed the Noddy stories.They  have played in a pretend newsagents shop and they have learnt related vocabulary. The children have made nests using twigs and grass from the outside area and they have talked about how a bird makes a nest. They have learnt some new nursery rhymes including the Grand Old Duke of York.

Mathematical Development

The children have been practicing their counting skills again this week and learning to recognise numbers 1 to 10.The children have been matching numicon shapes to the numbers and they have been very impressive! The children have been learning to form the numbers 1-5 in foam and paint. The children have learnt  some new counting songs.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


The children have been taste adventurers again this week! Tasted nectarines and noodles and some of us tried eating with chopsticks! The children have learnt about what happens in a newsagent shop and what you might find there.They have tasted Nice biscuits and they managed to find the n on them.





Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.

The children have been reminded about taking turns and sharing toys and equipment again this week. They have practiced good sitting and listening.  The children have taken turns to give out the snack and milk. They have become very confident using the mood board and like to tell Rhodri how they are feeling. This week we have talked about saying please and thankyou again as it is so important. We have also been practicing lining up in two lines and we have a competition every day!

 Creative Development.

 The children have  made pasta necklaces and they have made newspaper collages following the shape of the letter n. The children have made chocolate nests used shredded wheat and we counted 3 eggs into every nest. The children also iced their heart biscuits for St Dwynwen’s Day.

Physical Development

The children have played some new games this week and learnt some simple rules. We enjoyed marching around the classroom whilst singing The Grand Old Duke of York!

Welsh Language Development

The children are continuing to develop their greetings and they are now responding well to simple instructions. The children are responding well to stories read to them in welsh and responding to welsh stories on the whiteboard.

                     Anything else…

Thank you for your support again this week. Next week we will be learning all about the letter o.

Diolch yn fawr.


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