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24.4.15 – Weekly learning newsletter

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Safety Alert

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Our learning this week 17th April 2015


Language, Literacy and Communication


This week Ben and Betty have been teaching us the letter sound “t”. We read the story “The Tiger who came to Tea”.

We sequenced pictures from the story and also wrote a shopping list for Sophie to buy all the things that the Tiger had eaten!
Our Write Dance was called “Tickle Tree” which had lots of wiggly, jiggly movements in it…lots of fun!

Mathematical Development


We looked at ordering numbers and played a game on the interactive white board where we had to hang the t-shirts on the line in the correct order.

On welly Wednesday we looked at making collections of ten – ten sticks, ten stones, ten leaves, ten daisies, etc.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The Tiger from the story was a little bit muddled up and didn’t know what things we did at different times of the day, so the children needed to sort the pictures into hoops of things we do in the morning, things we do in daytime and things we do at night.


Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


We talked about our teeth and what we needed to do to look after them and also what foods gave us happy teeth and which foods gave us sad teeth.

We also practiced taking turns playing a brush the tooth game.


Creative Development


In music we tapped different parts of our bodies in time to some of our favourite songs. We noticed that some songs made us tap slowly and other songs made us tap quickly.

We have enjoyed the outdoors this week and the children have got creative with the chalks outdoors, drawing rainbows, wiggly lines, faces, etc.

Physical Development


We played a game called traffic jam where we carefully moved around the hall being different types of transport – tractor, racing car, bicycle or motorbike. When Mrs. Amirat shouted “Traffic jam”, we all had to get ourselves in one big long line. We practised our listening skills and by the end of the session we were super speedy at getting into a traffic jam!

Welsh Language Development



We have been practising singing some of our favourite Welsh songs this week, as well as counting all the way to 33 in Welsh because we have had so many children in Nursery this week – Daiwn!

                      Anything else…



We have had such a busy first week back in school. Don’t forget, named sunhats to wear outside and put sun cream on your children before coming to Nursery.

Have a good weekend.

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Welcome back to Summer term.

Nursery welcome letter-14th April 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to summer term in Bumblebees Nursery. We have a busy term ahead of us and lots of new children to join in with the fun in our afternoon sessions. Summer term means lots of outdoor play, so please send your children to school prepared or the weather – sunhats and suncream applied on sunny days and a coat for those days that can still be a bit chilly.


We will be continuing our Ben and Betty phonics program to teach the letter sounds and this term’s maths focus will be counting/ordering numbers up to 10, learning how to write the numbers and lots of number songs and games.


We will be doing lots of gardening in preparation for Swansea In Bloom and the profits made from selling the children’s Spring flower photo holders will go towards buying plants, paint and tools for our outdoor areas.

This term we will be watching how caterpillars turn into butterflies with our class butterfly garden. Follow the progress on Twitter.


Look out for the weekly learning update where there will be fun challenges for you to do with your child at home. If you would like to receive the weekly update via email, please give me your email address as soon as possible.

You can also keep up to date with your child’s learning experiences by having a look at our school website or Twitter page @BYM_Primary.


Children will get a daily snack of fruit, with milk or water. Snack money is 25p a day or £1.25 a week. This can be paid half termly if easier for you (£7 for this half term).


Please remember to put a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag in case of any accidents or if they get wet or dirty while playing. Please name all your children’s belongings because things do get muddled!


We have an open door policy, so if you have any questions or need to inform me of any changes, please don’t hesitate to speak to me.


Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs. Amirat

Nursery Teacher

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summer letter y6

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Summer Term

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17.4.15 – Weekly learning newsletter

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Financial Fortnight

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Film workshop

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Whats on @ Butterflies April & May 2015

Our Family Facilitator
Jess is our family facilitator for Blaenymaes and is available to any parents or families in need of support or advice. Give her a ring for a chat on 07584140848. Jess also runs a parenting group every Wednesday morning at the setting,
see staff or give Jess a ring if you are interested.

IPP Bags and Sessions
We will be running another IPP bag session. Parents of children who are receiving speech and language support at the setting will be invited to attend an IPP bag session. Staff will
demonstrate how to use the contents of the bags to support your child’s speech and language development at home.

Credit Union Savings Club
If you would like to join our school savings club run by the LASA credit Union or would like some more information please see Helen Spencer, Mrs Thomas or Emma Battenbough.

Arts and Crafts with the Lift Project
Come and join Natalie and Juliet on a Thursday morning in the Parenting room for some fun activities.

Parent Information Sessions
Come and join Emma for some fun ideas and support dealing with
Everyday parenting issues.
Tuesday 28th April—12.30 Dummies and Bottles
Tuesday 5th May— 12.30 Potty Training
Tuesday 19th May—12.30 Behaviour

Gardening Group
Come and join Tracy in the garden for some fun activities and ideas for you and your child in the garden. Starting Thursday 30th April for
afternoon children 12.30—2.30pm. See Tracy, Emma or Nat if you are interested.

Mobile Numbers
Our new text service is working really well. Remember to tell us if you change your number so that we have up to date information.

Guinea Pigs
We are always looking for volunteers to care for our guinea pigs over the weekend. If you would like to help please see Tracy who will add your names to the rota.

We are closed on Monday 4th May for Bank Holiday, we close for half term on Friday 22nd May and return on Monday 1st June.

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