Our weekly update 22.10.15 Reception A

Our Learning this Week

22nd October 2015

Language, Literacy and Communication


We followed instructions of how to make our harvest soup,  cawl cennin. We then had to remember all the ingredients to draw in a soup bowl and then have a g at writing the ingredients.

Mathematical Development


We did some maths when cooking our harvest soup – counting vegetables, cutting big and small pieces, and thinking about time while waiting for our soup to cook.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


We had an amazing time at Brynmill Park on Tuesday. We did a scavenger hunt finding different kinds of natural objects and we found a variety of different creatures that live in a pond

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


Our soup raised money for the charity Tackle Hunger – thank you for your donations.

We talked about caring for animals in the park and why it was important to put the animals caught back in the pond.

Creative Development


We used autumn leaves to create a tree collage at the park. We talked about the different colours of different leaves.



Physical Development


We had a great PE session with Jonathan, stopping and starting, and listening to instructions.

At the park we had fun exploring the equipment, sliding down the fireman’s pole and whizzing down the slide.



Welsh Language Development


We are extending our check-ins by saying “Dwi’n…I am” in front of our feelings.

We also learnt how to say “I like” (Dwi’n hoffi) and “I don’t like” (Dwi’n ddim yn hoffi), to express a like or dislike when tasting out cawl cennin.

                      Anything else…


Our topic next half term will be “Happiness” Can the children draw a picture or tell you about something that makes then happy and bring it into school after half term.


Also I have attached the letter sounds we have learnt so far – practise the sounds with your child at any opportunity. Can you make any small words with them.

Have a fun half term!!




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