Our weekly update 13.11.15 Reception A

Our Learning this Week

13th November 2015


Language, Literacy and Communication


We received an email message from Snow White this week. She needed our help because she wanted to have a party for the dwarves but she didn’t know what she needed.

The children wrote lists of what she would need to have a party and we set it up as our new role play area.

Mathematical Development


We did some great counting in our head to match the claps with the Numicon shapes.

We also started to look at subtraction by counting teddies onto a boat and then seeing how many were left if we took 1 or 2 away.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Our special sound this week is “h” and in the forest we talked about hibernation.

The children had to build a house for the puppet animals that would keep them warm and cosy for winter.

We used leaves and sticks to make the animal houses.

Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity.


We learnt about Diwali, the festival of light and we did activities in Mrs. Land’s class.

As it was Pudsey day, we looked at some video stories on the Children in Need website to find out about how our money helps other children.

Creative Development


We marked Remembrance Day by making some beautiful poppy pictures using sponge stampers.

We also decorated some bunting to put up in our new party role play area.

We also painted our happy faces and looked at similarities and difference between us and our friends.

Physical Development


We had PE with Jonathan on Monday and in the forest we used our gross motor skills for balancing on a wibbly wobbly rope bridge. We all felt proud of completing this challenge.


Welsh Language Development


We started learning the body parts in Welsh and we sang some Welsh songs.

                      Anything else…


We have Forest School every Wednesday until Christmas holidays, so please send your child into school with the correct clothing. The forest is muddy and cold so please dress your child in layers with a waterproof trousers, coat and wellies.

They will also need a change of clothes which include pants, socks and shoes to change into when they return to school.



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